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Volume 7, Issue 1: Breaking Points

Breaking Points: Mobilization and Radical Care in Defense of the Lives of Youth, Educators and Youth Workers 

(Beyond) Breaking Points: Reclaiming Our Lives in Our City – Elizabeth Bishop, Ph.D. (Introduction)

All Hands on Deck: Youth Worker Burnout and Resilience during COVID-19 – Chanira Rojas

Everything is a Metaphor: Care as Praxis – Lydia Villaronga

The Inequity in Systemic Inequity: Combating a System of Complicity – Fatima Sherif

Shuffling the Deck: Centering New York City High School’s (non) Graduates – Daniel Jerome

Protection For/From Whom?: Examining the Relationships Between Policy and Discourse in the Policing of Immigrant Youth in Schools – Brian Mercado