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#BlackLivesMatter Special Issue TRAUE

Dear Community members and participants,

Thank you for attending the TRAUE #BlackLivesMatter event at the Graduate Center. We appreciate your presence and contributions, and we were very happy that folks were engaged thinking about and contributing to this issue in a variety of ways! Your unique perspectives and voice are the groundwork for a rich, complex and interesting issue that critically approaches the issue.

We wanted to get in touch to remind folks that submissions for your work are due November 1st. Your piece, either individual or a collaboration, does not have to be polished at this point in the process. The piece can take a written, visual, or auditory form. We welcome poetry, reflections from the field, stories, articles, and other creative media. Upon reviewing the submissions, we will notify you as well as assign you to a reviewer that will provide support and feedback in shaping and refining the piece. We look forward to seeing the works that folks submit, and to eventually sharing those with the community.

You can submit your work by November 1st as a Word document via email. Be sure to indicate that this is your submission in the subject line. urbanedTRAUE@gmail.com

We are also highly interested in inviting anyone interested in reviewing a piece to contact us. As a #BLM issue, we are seeking a diverse group of people to be involved at all levels of the issue. Your role as a reviewer is integral to shaping the voice of the journal, and providing crucial support for writers and artists as these narratives come together on one platform. If you are interested in being involved or have any questions about reviewing, please email us at urbanedTRAUE@gmail.com